Illustration: the virus and bacteria killer in the shape of a warrior attacks virus cells.

Becoming a Sales Partner

With First Class Disinfection’s brand new product range you can start a career in a market with high growth opportunities or generate additional income with your existing business.

  • Existing companies in suitable industries (e.g. cleaning companies) can offer their customers the FCD-19 for purchase or leasing.
  • Self-employed sales representatives can distribute the device worldwide and present it to companies as well as public organisations.

If you are interested you can contact us here.

Crisis Presents an Opportunity: A New Sales Organization Is Launched

  • For sales representatives, this is an opportunity to be part of building up this sales organization right from the start.
  • All employers have the duty to take care of the health of their employees and customers.
  • We have the solution that everyone is looking for now and in the future.
  • Sales representatives from all sectors, who are experiencing a slump in the crisis, will find a very up-to-date topic here.
  • You are working for a healthy, good and meaningful cause.
  • You experience prestige and the pride of being an FCD sales partner.

The photo shows the first sales meeting of First Class Disinfection on 12 July 2020.