You Never Dreamed That a Virus Would Become a Deadly Threat in Your Rooms. Then the Corona Pandemic Surprised Us All …

“This Disinfection Device Will Banish Viruses (Including Coronavirus) and Bacteria From Your Rooms and Vehicles. All It Takes Is the Push of a Button, Conveniently When You Go On Your Lunch Break or Leave Work.”

The Corona pandemic confronts us with a whole new set of challenges in health protection. The usual wipe disinfection is laborious, and it only reduces germs and viruses by 50% to 60%.

The FCD-19 PRO Disinfectant Fogger Machine was developed to meet this challenge. It is inexpensive to purchase, economical to use and very easy to operate.

The device is suitable for disinfecting small and large rooms. It is compact, mobile and, with its rechargeable battery, ready to use at any time without a cable.

Seven unrivalled advantages when disinfecting

  • With the FCD-19 Pro, disinfecting your rooms is a breeze.
  • You will create safety for yourself, your team and your visitors.
  • This disinfection is completely health- and environmentally friendly.
  • Even when used daily, it is cheaper than any cleaner.
  • The device is easy to operate, works autonomously and unattended.
  • Even hard-to-reach places are reliably disinfected.
  • You will save an incredible amount of time when disinfecting your rooms.

Bottom line: With this Disinfectant Fogger, you offer outstanding health protection for yourself, your team and your visitors.

The Video Demonstrates How the Disinfection Unit Is Used

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How Does Disinfection With the Cold Mist Disinfectant Actually Work?

Using ultrasound, the disinfectant is dissolved into tiny droplets and gently blown into the room with a fan. Then it distributes itself evenly throughout the room and disinfects all surfaces in this way.

The droplets are so tiny that they leave no noticeable moisture or residue despite being evenly distributed on all surfaces.

The mist also reaches places that are difficult to reach when cleaning,

  • because they are located behind other objects that would have to be moved,
  • or because they are too small to be cleaned with a rag.
Aromatic Reed Air Freshener And Houseplant On Table Indoors. Spa

Whether it’s fried potatoes, Christmas biscuits or aromatherapy – as soon as you walk through the door, you’re greeted by a delicious scent. As you know, even when the air is completely still, odours spread throughout the entire house. The secret to this absolutely even distribution without wind is called “Brownian Motion” in physics.

This is also how our disinfectant is distributed to every conceivable corner of your rooms.

The small fan only ensures that the disinfectant leaves the disinfector. The efficient distribution across several rooms is done by the Brownian Motion all by itself.

By the way, unlike fried potatoes, our disinfectant leaves absolutely no odour. After use, it decomposes into the safe components water and oxygen. A short airing is sufficient to complete the disinfection. No residues, no wiping, no odours.

So Which Disinfectant Does the Fogger Machine Use?

The FCD-19 PRO nebulises hydrogen peroxide. According to the Robert Koch Institute, disinfection with hydrogen peroxide reliably eliminates bacteria, yeasts, fungi, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses (including Corona) and spores.

Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into the harmless substances water vapour and oxygen after the exposure time. Therefore, after application rooms are free of residues or odours.

Nine Advantages of Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. Broad spectrum of efficacy, including against corona viruses
  2. Recognised by the EU and international health authorities
  3. Success of fogging can be checked by yourself at any time
  4. Complete disinfection even in hard-to-reach places
  5. Biocompatible / health-friendly
  6. Easy handling and storage
  7. Gentle on electrical appliances
  8. Efficient in consumption
  9. Energy-saving
Link: About Disinfection With Hydrogen Peroxide

And How Does the Cold Fogger Work?

Using the FCD-19 PRO is child’s play. It takes only a few seconds to put it into operation. Thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery, you can use the FCD-19 Pro without a tangle of cables and also in places without a power socket. Once switched on, the unit works independently and unattended.

Your cleaning staff saves hours of work. At the same time, the disinfection success is significantly better than with manual wipe disinfection.

The Advantages of the Fcd-19 Pro

  • Easy operation and timer function
  • Works independently and unattended
  • Residue-free, no wiping
  • Ergonomic and appealing design
  • Mobile and cordless (integrated rechargeable battery)
  • Robust, maintenance-free and durable construction
  • No heating of disinfectant needed
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Low operating costs
Link: Questions and Answers About FCD-19 PRO

The video demonstrates the commissioning of the FCD-19 PRO

Physiotherapy Practice Medico

Annette von Kuhlmann, Owner

“Patients are delighted and feel well looked after and absolutely safe here.”

“I place it into the room in the evening – or in the lunch break – turn it on, let it run for 5 minutes. It has to stay in the room for half an hour. After that, it’s aired out and everything is fine.”

Day Care Amun-Re Eschborn

Marita Stork

“I got the FCD-19 PRO to protect my staff and visitors during the corona crisis.”

“I like the quick and thorough disinfection especially, as well as the verification using the test strips. Everything works well!”

E. Altas Airport Logistic GmbH

Mehmet Altas, Managing Director

“Using this hydrogen peroxide solution, we disinfect our warehouse in one hour.”

“It’s very easy to use and my staff come to work with a considerably better feeling.”

“Our customers also visit us with a very good feeling.”

Holiday Home Reethus

Manfred Borowski

“From the hallway, we disinfect all rooms in 15 minutes with the doors open, all without having to move the unit.”

Carefree Disinfection for as Little as Approx. 4 Euros per Day.

You can rent FCD-19 PRO for a few weeks, or lease it for 24 or 36 months, or just purchase it completely to own it.

The robust construction and futuristic design of the FCD-19 Pro guarantee years of satisfaction. Low operating costs mean that the purchase pays for itself in no time.

You can choose between various purchase and leasing options. That puts the FCD-19 Pro within reach of every budget.

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