Illustration: the virus and bacteria killer in the shape of a warrior attacks virus cells.

FCD-19 Cold Fogger for Room Disinfection

FCD-19 is a revolutionary disinfectant fogger that disinfects your rooms independently and unattended. 

By nebulizing the disinfectant into tiny droplets, even hard-to-reach and very small surfaces are reliably disinfected.

Your cleaning personnel saves hours of work. The disinfection results are also much better compared to cleaning by hand.

The FCD-19 Benefits

  • Disinfects with the oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide

  • Residue-free, no wiping required

  • Easy-to-use and timer function

  • Works autonomously and unsupervised

  • Ergonomic and attractive design

  • Mobil und kabellos (integrierter Akku)

  • Rugged construction

  • Low acquisition costs

  • Low operating costs

Lower Costs due to Increased Efficiency

FCD-19 combines industry-leading efficiency with low cost of ownership.

In addition, wireless operation, low consumption (600 ml / h) and intuitive controls provide added value that is unmatched by other chemical or UV-based disinfection systems.

FCD Broschüre

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