Illustration: the virus and bacteria killer in the shape of a warrior attacks virus cells.

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Managing Director Frank Andreas Ebert

FCD First Class Disinfection GmbH
An den Weiden 118
65428 Rüsselsheim

Tel: +49 (0)69 870 089 425
Fax: +49 (0)69 870 089 429 25

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Brochures / PDF Downloads

Abbildung Performancesheet Kaltnebeldesinfektionsgerät FCD-19

Download Performance Sheet FCD-19

[PDF, 1 page, only available in German]

FCD-19 Broschüre

Download FCD-19 Product Brochure

[PDF, 12 pages, only available in German]


Length: 0:36

Video without speaker, only music

– FCD-19 Benefits (captioned in German language)
– Recordings of the use at different locations

Download HD 720p, 7 MB

Download HD 1080p, 15 MB

Length: 3:33

German language video with speaker

– Introduction to the corona crisis
– Introduction of the FCD-19 as a solution for fast, inexpensive and safe disinfection
– Recordings of deployment at various locations

Download HD 720p, 39 MB

Download HD 1080p, 79 MB

Length: 0:55

German language video with speaker Corinna Hille

– Introduction of the FCD-19 as a solution for fast, inexpensive and safe disinfection.

Download HD 720p, 12 MB

Download HD 1080p, 30 MB

Length: 1:14

German language video with speaker Mike Lesner

– Getting started with the FCD-19

Download HD 720p, 15 MB

Download HD 1080p, 36 MB

Photos for Download

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FCD-19 Cold Fogger for Room Disinfection

The “FCD Power Liquid” Disinfectant